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2nd TALENTx7 Assessment Certification in Shanghai

Leader’sGene held 2nd Learning Agility Assessment TALENTx7 Certification workshop in Shanghai on Jun 12th, 2015. Followed sessions in Shanghai and USA in last season, this is the first Chinese session facilitator by Shinny Feng (Partner at Leader’sGene, one of TALENTx7 developers) and Jeffrey Huang (Senior Consultant at Leader’sGene).

As one of the TALENTx7 developers, Shinny enriched the workshop with case study, inspired learner to think deeper, made learners feel more engaged and interested in. Learners feel they enjoyed a very full day with TALENTx7.

(Figure: Leaner mapping the behavior and facet by sort cards)

Teaching by group discussion, video watching and behavior mapping practice, learners have deeper understanding of TALENTx7’s seven facet: Interpersonal Acumen, Cognitive Perspective, Environmental Mindfulness, Drive to Excel, Self Insight, Change Alacrity, Feedback Responsiveness.

(Figure: Learner sharing understanding of Learning Agility)

Most learners are middle level or senior Human Resources officers, who came from COEs, POEs and MNCs. During the session, learners with diversified background shared different perspectives of Learning Agility which brings each other new point of view. Especially the HR leaders who left MNC and joined POE recently, the session helped them have more insights of learning agility in different company culture. Meanwhile, learners who have Industrial Organization Psychology background actively shared their thoughts of TALENTx7’s academic and commercial applications from psychology perspective.

(Figure: Learner Sharing)

After one day intense learning, all participants awarded a Leader’sGene certificate of completion. Learners promise to continue learning and apply TALENTx7 into organization and talent development. Looking forward to any case study from all participants.

(Figure: Learner hold the certificate)

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