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First Learning Agility assessment TALENTx7 certifi

Leader’sGene first Learning Agility assessment TALENTx7 certification workshop was facilitated by global top learning agility expert Dr. Ken De Meuse.

This is the first time Dr. Ken De Meuse came to China.

Ken describe 7 factors of Learning Agility: Self Insight, Cognitive Perspective, Interpersonal Acumen, Change Alacrity, Drive to Excel, Environmental Mindfulness, Feedback Responsiveness.

Report debriefing


Role Play with Learner

After one day workshop, learner got the TALENTx7 certification.

Leader’sGene Learning Agility Assessment TALENTx7 certification workshop successfully complete. Thanks to Ken, for his wonderful lesson. If you have interests on TALENTx7, please email to or call +86 21 6390 3690.