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Agile wins, making leadership more "grounded"

On March 13th, 2018 in Shanghai, Leader’s Gene consultants teamed up with CEOs, HR executives and OD experts from leading corporations to host a wonderful event for more than 150 Chinese and foreign companies. The theme was “The winning is in the people - use leadership to innovate the future”. Executives from state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and MNCs gathered together to share their perspectives on leadership development and participated a variety of activities. Activities include drama performance, transformation simulation, leadership team effectiveness coaching etc. All participants highly appreciated the event, and this is a demo on how Leader’s Gene consultants innovated the practice of leadership development.


Mr. Jack Lim, Managing Director of Leader’s Gene Consulting, emphasized in his keynote speech: The future has come, the explosive development of technology is driving the change of civilization, the talent structure and their motivation have changed, we must re-define future leaders with new perspectives and standards, use differentiated talent management approach, focus on high-potential talents rather than generalized training. We also need to innovate leadership development with “visualization” and “sensibility”, to make leadership more "grounded."


《The winning is in the people – leadership development trends

Mr. Jack Lim shared that the market and environment that shape the trend of leadership have undergone tremendous changes. Looking forward, the core of organizational development and the hot spots of leadership development are:

1)  Focus on identifying and developing high-latency talents. Don't be high-potential leadership talents, focus on, develop, promote and retain these talents, and focus resources on these high-potential talents. 

2)Innovate leadership development with various forms. Improve the “visualization” and “perceivability” of leadership, and the leadership is more “grounded”.

3)Focus on improving the effectiveness of the leadership team. In the context of organizational transformation, restructuring, and new and old leadership replacement situations, it is necessary to focus on improving the effectiveness of the leadership team. The key is to work on values, common goals, mutual trust, and conflict resolution.

4) To develop global leadership, Chinese companies have a long way to go. Chinese companies are going global and need more and more leaders to manage foreign businesses and lead multinational teams. However, the path to globalization of Chinese companies and the corresponding international leadership is not certain. At the same time, although the Chinese leaders of many MNCs have become executives in the Asia-Pacific region, the number of Chinese global CEOs is very few, far less than that of Indians.