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WeLeadTM is a mobile application designed for Leadership Development. It’s an innovation in the area of Leadership Development which utilized the wireless Internet Technology to resolve the common concerns on leadership coaching, such as no timely coaching, no satisfied feedback result, and meanwhile it helps organization to tracking and evaluating leadership development program which program sponsors always feel headache. WeLeadTM makes leadership development progress occurs every day even every minute, help organization keep an eye on the development progress and evaluate program outcome instantly.


Based on Leadership Competencies, WeLeadTM is learner-oriented, learner can launch leadership activities as:

- Individual Development Plan (IDP)

- On-line Coaching

- Self-learning

- 360 Feedback

- On-line Assessment


WeLeadTM established a carry on learning and communication platform for learner and coach, make full use of every piece of learner’s time and accelerate learner’s development. Meanwhile, WeLeadTM’s back office platform enable organization management team to manage learner’s development plan, analyze and tracking learner’s activity status.


WeLeadTM keen on help organization developing future leading talent! Anytime, Anywhere, All in your hand! 

If you want to apply WeLeadTM account, just click follow button or email welead@leadersgene.com