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Manager as a Coach 2019/6/10
Theoretical Foundation: Leading People – Developing People
Build concept, process and techniques of Coaching; Be able to effectively motivate and develop subordinates by making good use of coaching skills.
Target Audience: People managers, HR/OD Professionals
Learning Format and Methodology:
*Video Case
*Lecturing with interaction
*Role Play
*Group Discussion
Length: 1 day
1. Why need a Coach?
  -Ways to Change Adult’s Behavior Pattern
  -Talent Development Formula
2. Role of Coach 
  -Differences between A Coach and A Manager / Consultant / Teacher
  -Different Types of Coach
  -Different Types of Executive Coach
3. Challenging Situations for Leadership Coach
4. Process and Techniques of Being a Leadership Coach
  -3 Phases of Being a Leadership Coach
  -Process of Coaching (A-C-P)
  -Listening and Questioning Skills in Coaching Conversations
5. Making the Change
  -Facilitate to figure out effective actions for Improvement 
  -Formulate an Improvement Plan / Follow-up Actions
6. Role Play: Coaching Skill Exercises
  -Role-play and giving feedback by turns