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Established by senior executives who formerly worked for multinational human resources and leadership consultancies, think global, act local, Leader'sGene Consulting is a boutique consultancy dedicated to assist clients in cultivating elite mid-level and senior leadership talents.

Both our Chinese company name “Li Jin” (励衿),meaning “motivating talents to grow”,and our English name “Leader'sGene Consulting” reflect our mission to take roots in Chinese culture, to explore the origin of leadership with leading international methodologies and most importantly, to accelerate leadership talents to grow.

Our roots are in China, our vision and collaboration network go beyond national boundaries. We aim to stand out in the leadership study and practice field dominated by Western countries and showcase ancient oriental leadership wisdom on contemporary world stage in globalization era.

What's more important, through our professional experience, we aim to deliver nutrition to managerial talents who are on the journey to leadership excellence that will benefit them a lifetime. Therefore, apart from top-end leadership consulting services, we also deliver non-profit projects that will assist more people.

As revealed by our logo, we aim to generate oxygen like trees that is vital to people's life and cultivate talents as depicted by a Chinese proverb “growing a tree in ten years and cultivating a talent in a century”.