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  • Consulting Case 3:One-on-one Executive Coaching
    Mr. Wang has worked in the US for an industrial conglomerate in engineering design after getting his PhD. Some ten years ago, he was assigned back to their China subsidiary, and eventually promoted to be China CEO. He is famous of his strong ambition, setting high standard for himself and others, quick in taking actions, which have led to his cusses, but at the same time a lot of people issues.
    [ 2015/5/15]
  • Consulting Case 2:Cultural Change and Leadership i
    What's the most difficult change in a state-owned-enterprise (SOE)? It's cultural change. For SOE conglomerates with long history, corporate cultures are the habits inherited in their employees' common behaviors. 
    [ 2015/5/15]
  • Consulting Case 1:Building Future Leadership Team
    With booming business growth in China, a top global consulting firm faces challenges that most of their current leaders will be retired in a few years. Therefore, it's urgent to implement an effective leadership succession plan to accelerate readiness of the successors.
    [ 2015/1/10]