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  • Consulting Case 1:Leadership Team Effectiveness
    The client is a global high-tech leader in communications, Internet and data security industries.?The client’s business performance was declining in Greater China market. Recently, several new leaders in Greater China offices on boarded, and there has been discord within the leadership team. The client needed external consultants to assist 
    [ 2019/5/31]
  • Consulting Case 2:Talent Review
    With the high growth of the client, there is a strong need of management pipeline who can keep up with the company's growth. Internal training is the client's main talent development strategy. The client needed to hire external consultant to solve ...
    [ 2019/5/31]
  • Consulting Case 3:Agile leadership
    The client expected that future technologies, such as new energy, driverless operation, etc. would pose a potential threat to themselves, so there is an urgent need to build agile organizations and develop agile leadership. 
    [ 2019/5/31]
  • Consulting Case 4:Assessment center
    The customer is a leading management consulting firm in China.The client's executive succession project required a comprehensive evaluation of 45 partners, and needed to select high-potential talents as successors. Because the target group is partners, and the evaluation results are significant to the firm in China, the client asked experienced external consultants to support.
    [ 2019/5/31]
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