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Leadership assessment is one of the key businesses of LeadersGene. With their rich experience in this area, consultants from LeadersGene help client customize the assessment solutions, including high touch methodologies such as simulation-based assessment center, expert panel and behavior event interviews; low touch on-line assessment toolkits such as multi-rater assessment known as 360 rating, self-scored assessment and personality psychometric questionnaire, etc.


Experts from LeadersGene help client to configure the combination of multiple toolkits based on client's need and situation, making a solution rather than individual tools. More importantly, LeaderGene helps client to apply their assessment results to development and improvement work so as to put the assessment result into real-life use.



1- Based on the 36 leadership competencies described in the book of The Leadership Gene

2- Online questionnaires

3- Analysis report on strengths and weakness

4- For talent development



1- Based on the 36 leadership competencies described in the book of The Leadership Gene

2- Report customized to client profile

3- Online self rating

4- Forced Choice

5- Compare with external norms

6- For talent selection and development



1- Assessment to identify leadership potential

2- Self-rating online assessment for Learning Agility

3- China norm incl. MNCs, SOEs, and POEs

4- Embed in talent review process



1- Measure the effectiveness of leadership team

2- Online 360 survey for the leadership team

3- Sort cards for leadership team workshop facilitation


Decision Dynamics©

1- As the distributor for the tool in China

2- We translate it into Chinese

3- Over 1.2 millions norm data globally

4- Report covers Leadership Decision Styles, Emotional Competencies, Complexity Profile, Career Motive

5- Benchmark lines

6- For executive selection and development