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Oliver Lv


Current Position and Location

Partner, Leader'sGene Consulting


Working Experiences

Associate President of HR for Sanpower group
HRD for Best Buy Mobile China
HRD for Five star
C&B head for Human International AP
Nanjing office head for Mercer

Brief Introduction

With over 15 years HR professional career, Oliver accumulates rich experiences in both in-house and consulting areas. He consults for many listed companies, state-owned enterprises , MNCs, as well as  private-owned companies in HR management solutions including but not limited to OD & TD, competency modelling, HR diagnosing, C&B design, JD, JE, PM optimization Etc.  Oliver took the role as trainer in Mercer college in charge of delivering key courses like 3P and PM. 

Oliver graduated from Nanjing University and South-East University, obtaining Masters degree of MBA and Law. He is also the National certified psychological counselor.


Human Resources Consulting, Talent Management Consulting.