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Dr. Ken De Meuse was invited to participate in the SCPC and SIOP conferences

In mid-February 2018, the United States hosted the Society of Consulting Psychology Conference. As part of the conference agenda, Dr. Ken De Meuse and Dr. Marilyn Buckner certified the TALENTx7® Learning Agility Assessment tool for 18 consulting psychologist members. At the same time, Dr. Ken De Meuse, as a special guest, participated in the "Critical Learning agility" panel to guide participants to discuss the most popular topics - learning agility. In mid-April, the SIOP Conference in Chicago, USA, also invited Dr. Ken De Meuse to attend and provide the members of the association with a frontier research and study on learning acumen. Dr. Ken De Meuse is the former Vice President of Global R&D at Lominger. In 2013, TALENTx7, a learning agility assessment tool jointly developed with Leader’s Gene Consulting, has moved to more than a dozen countries in recent years.

Learning Agility has come to the forefront of corporate organizational talent development, as Hogan's CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic said: "Learning agility is critical for today's leaders: if leaders can't learn from experience and acknowledge past mistakes to avoid repeating them, they will become a burden of the company.