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Leadership Fundamental: Leadership Gene – Overview 2019/6/10
The course is derived from LGC VERA8TM Leadership Competency Framework.
*Understand the essence of Leadership and the critical leadership competencies of top-level leaders;
*Learn how to assess and develop leadership through diversified methodologies and tools.
Target Audience: Junior to mid-level managers, HR and OD professionals
Learning Format and Methodology:
*Pre-workshop VERA8 online assessment
*Lecturing & Facilitation
*Self-depiction Exercise
*Video Exercise
*Cross-team Consulting
*Group Discussion
Length: 1 day
1. What is Leadership
  -The definition of Leadership
  -VERA8TM Leadership Competency Framework: 3 layers, 8 Factors and 36 behavioral competencies
2. Role of Leaders
  -Leader vs Manager
3. How to Assess Leadership
  -Major methodologies to assess competencies: Psychometrics, Interview, Observation
  -Assessment Tool: DD, 360, VERA8, TALENTx7
  -Timeline of Leadership Assessment
4. How to Develop One’s Leadership
  -The logic to Develop Leadership
  -3 Levels of Awareness
  -70/20/10 Principle for Leadership Development
  -4 Success Factors for Leadership Development Plan
5. Understand Your Personal Leadership Status
  -VERA8TM Competency Assessment Report Interpretation
  -Find out your Strengths and Weakness
  -Leadership IDP through Cross-team Consulting