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Leadership Team Effectiveness 2019/6/10
Theoretical Foundation: Leading People – Engaging People
*Understand what is a Team and the characteristics of Leadership Team Effectiveness.
*Learn how to analyze Leadership Team Effectiveness and identify areas for enhancement. 
*Be able to work out a LTE enhancement plan specifically.
Target Audience: Specific Leadership Team, Team Leaders, HR Leaders, OD Professionals
Learning Format and Methodology:
*Pre-workshop Team Effectiveness Assessment (Optional)
*Card Exercise
*Video Case
*Lecture with interaction
*Team Discussion
Length: 2 days
1. Ideal Leadership Team
  -Ideal Team in Your Mind
  -Team vs Group
  -5 Dysfunctions of a Team 
2. Team Life Cycle
3. Introduction of Leadership Team Effectiveness (LTE®) Model
  -7 Elements of LTE
  -24 Behaviors of LTE
  -Typical Behaviors in Team Life Cycle
4. Identify Gaps and Areas to Focus for Development
  -2 Dimensions: LTE Current Status - Ideal
  -9 Box Gap Analysis
  -Areas to Focus for LTE Development
5. LTE Enhancement Plan
  -How to enhance LTE
  -Cross-consulting: Enhancing LTE
  -Work out a LTE Action Plan