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Conflict Management 2019/6/10
Theoretical Foundation: Leading People – Engaging People
*Understand causes and different types of conflict in the workplace.
*Be able to manage conflict skillfully in a situational and constructive way. 
Target Audience: Junior to Mid-level managers, HR/OD Professionals
Learning Format and Methodology:
*Lecture with interaction
*Card Exercise
*On-site Assessment
*Cross-team consulting
*Role Play
*Group Discussion
Length: 1 day
1. What Makes Conflict?
  -Finding out Causes of Conflict through deep discussion
2. Pre-Conflict Management: Understanding Others and Understanding Yourself
  -Personality, Behavioral Preference, Decision-Making Styles of Different People
  -How to Speedread Others
  -How to Deal with Different kinds of people
3. Conflict Management Strategies
  -TKI Assessment
  -Team Conflict Style Map
  -Conflict Management Styles and Resolution Skills
4. Constructive Conflict Resolution  
  -Self-assessment on Motives: Seize the Internal Needs
  -Leveraging Motives to Handle Conflict
  -Resolving Conflict with Constructive Feedback
  -Role Play: Be a Constructive Feedback Giver