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Talent Review 2019/6/10
Theoretical Foundation: Leading People – Developing People
Equip participants with the mindset and skillset of Talent Review and enable them to apply Talent Review results into holistic Talent Management system through quality talent deployment, development, motivation and retention.
Target Audience: Talent Review Committee members, HR Leaders, OD Professionals
Learning Format and Methodology:
*Video Case
*Lecturing with interaction
*Group Discussion
Length: 1 day
1. Why Talent Review?
2. Talent Review Parameters
3. Potential Risks of Talent Review
4. What does ‘Potential’ mean in Talent Review?
5. Leadership Potential – Learning Agility
6. How to Assess Learning Agility?
7. How to Select an appropriate 9-Box in Talent Review?
8. How to Define High Performer and High Potential?
9. Introduction of Talent Review Methodologies and Tools 
10. Critical Success Factors for Talent Review
11. The Composition of Talent Review Committee 
12. HR’s Role in Talent Review Exercise
13. Talent Review Meeting Process and Guidelines
14. How to Deploy, Develop, Motivate and Retain Differentiated Talents in 9-Box?